Tulip Gospel Outreach 2023: Teachings

All the Tulip Gospel Outreach conference teachings are up and online. These are absolutely amazing and are important tools to share the gospel with the culture around us. Click the links to see them on YouTube.

Introduction to Tulip Time Outreach, Jon Neifert.

A talk Jon gives every year on the Biblical history of Pella, Iowa and how the town was founded on religious principles. We use these to get into a spiritual discussion with those at the festival.

Introduction to Biblical Evangelism, Dr. Anthony Silvestro

This is a fantastic introduction into Biblical Evangelism, and how to share the gospel to those around us. A majority of Christians do not know what the gospel is, let alone able to share it. 1 Corinthians 15:3-4 show us the basics of the gospel.

Glorifying God in Creation, Jon Neifert

God is actively showing Himself to mankind through creation, which glorifies Him as the Creator and Sustainer of all. We have all the evidences of Him that we need, and that those who say they are Atheists, are just suppressing the truth that God exists.

The Problems with Social Justice, Dr. Anthony Silvestro

In this teaching, Dr. Silvestro takes a deep dive into the history of the Social Justice Movement starting in the 1500’s and how through the centuries have crept its way into the United States through education, government, and the church. The Social Justice Movement not only is Marxist, but above all — Anti-Christian. He also talks about how we as Christians can come against it and save those out of it.

Lay-level Presuppositional Apologetics, Dr. Anthony Silvestro

This was one of the most important talks about evangelism. How we need to start with God as the Creator of everything, which is the worldview of our foundational truth to prove everything that we see. Our worldview determines everything we believe: whether we are pro-life, our stance on morality, marriage, religion, and even social justice. Without a biblical starting point, we are lost. This also helps the Christian answer difficult questions regarding the Bible.

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