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What Do Pens and Wrenches Have In Common?

If you were looking for a store that sold pens and wrenches, you came to the wrong place. Pens and wrenches combines my two favorite loves: my love for the written word, writing, and reading; along with my love for repairing broken things, restoring old and beat up things, and even repairing people, leading them to Christ, who is the only One who can repair us from our sin, and restore us to a right relationship with God the Father.


My Many Pens (and pencils)

I have been an introverted INTJ since birth. When I became a Christian in 2003, I was terrified to share my faith, and I was really bad at it. It wasn’t until 2007 when I studied fear, and the grip it had on me, that things started to turn around. As I have taken people who have never shared Christ with anyone before, I incorporated those same tactics that I overcame fear in my life, and taught others to do the same. So much, that people have told me I should write a book on the subject. So that is what I am doing now. You see, I’m just like you. I am not a Super-Christian. I’m your average Joe, teaching other average Joes (and Josephine’s) how to overcome their fears and be bold courageous lions for God and advance His kingdom.

I also love teaching the bible using the Inductive Bible Study method and have been trained to be an official Precept Upon Precept Inductive Bible Study Leader with Precept Ministries International. Here I teach you how to observe key words and phrases; interpret the passages in context; and bridge the gap from thousands of years ago to today’s modern world and apply it to our ordinary life, to become extraordinary for God. But more importantly, you learn how to study the bible for yourself in a way that you will never forget it.

Many Wrenches

I love to fix things, and see light bulbs turn on in people’s minds. In 1997 I received a Bachelors in Electronic Engineering Technology from Indiana State University — where Larry Bird played. After graduating I’ve had an eclectic career as a Field Service Engineer, repairing small electronics to component level, multi-million dollar electro-mechanical machinery, to repairing cash registers and Lexmark Printers.

Since leaving the industry to pursue a writing career, I never lost the knack to repair broken things and restore old stuff back to normal. Friends and family always said I could fix anything, and that I should start a business repairing things. I’m always up for a challenge.

Who am I?

I got saved on March 2, 2003 shortly after getting married, and felt the draw to serve the Lord with all I had; but my work kept getting in the way. Then after 15 years of loyal service I was let go, and sought to give God my best, sharing Christ to people on the streets, and serving in many other ministries. But after getting cold feet, I returned to working as a Field Service Engineer with a different company, and right back where I started–putting God on the shelf and placing my job at number one. I thought a great deal about September 11, 2001; those standing on the precipice of the open windows of the World Trade Center. They looked back at their careers going up in flames that they put their heart and soul into and sacrificed time with family they’ll never get back; and looked down to the jump they have to take and end their lives. It was then I realized that life was short, and made the choice to serve Christ and others full time. My wife, Lisa, asked me what I always wanted to do, and it was to write books and magazine articles, and to help Christians overcome their fears to be more than conquerors in the Lord. Plus, repairing and restoring items on the side, because God has gifted me with fixing things.

Through the years, I have been involved in many ministries, and served in many ways:

In closing, I hope that you find this humble website useful and that you get something out of it. I am always open to new ideas on what to post. If you are a Christian and would like to go share your faith, but don’t know how or you are fearful to do it, please contact me and my friends and I can help stretch you and overcome any obstacle you have. Click the “Outreach Events” at the top of the homepage to where I will be if you would like to join. Also, I can make myself available to meet and just do evangelism one afternoon or evening. No event needed.

In His service,

Frank Chirico


But don’t just take my word for it. Read what other people have said:

“Thank you for your effort and consistency in leading Precepts Inductive Bible Study. I get so much out of it; would be sad if no one was there to lead. I appreciate your service immensely.” — Kaylee

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