William Shatner: ‘I Don’t Have Long to Live.’

On March 9th, Variety published an interview with William Shatner, discussing his upcoming documentary called, "You Can Call Me Bill." This film, which was released on March 16th, Shatner talks about his impressive career, family, and love of nature. Though this is a secular magazine with many swear words, I implore you to read it... Continue Reading →

Tulip Gospel Outreach 2023: Teachings

All the Tulip Gospel Outreach conference teachings are up and online. These are absolutely amazing and are important tools to share the gospel with the culture around us. Click the links to see them on YouTube. Introduction to Tulip Time Outreach, Jon Neifert. A talk Jon gives every year on the Biblical history of Pella,... Continue Reading →

Picture Taking Evangelism

One of the major struggles with evangelism is trying to get into a conversation with a stranger. Thoughts of what to talk about, how to swing from the natural to the spiritual, and all the awkwardness flood our minds. With that being said, nothing is easier than Picture Taking Evangelism (PTE). What is Picture Taking... Continue Reading →

Recap: Tulip Time Gospel Outreach 2023

This past weekend marked the annual Tulip Time Dutch Festival in Pella, IA. For several years, my friend, Jon Neifert, has been leading the charge in sharing the gospel to this Reformed Christian town with his organization called: Tulip Gospel Outreach. An evangelism conference that not only teaches you how to share the gospel in... Continue Reading →

What’s The Difference Between Preaching and Teaching?

I recently received this question from Africa to answer for Got Questions. I thought it would be important to share it here as well. There is definitely an overlap between the two for sure, and in many aspects are indistinguishable from each other; But they have differences. Preaching would involve exhortation, admonition, encouragement, and comfort.... Continue Reading →

The Goodness of God

Recently I received a question to answer for GotQuestions.org: 'Why did Jesus resist healing the Gentile Canaanite woman's daughter (Matthew 15:22-24, 26) and yet healed the Centurion's servant without hesitation (Matthew 8:5-7)?' Male, 46-55, North America, Christian I am currently reading this fascinating book that was given to all the men during our annual Men’s... Continue Reading →

Totally Blessed Tonight

I absolutely love writing for http://www.GotQuestions.org. When COVID-19 broke out I didn’t have an outlet to share the gospel on the street. I was getting stale and stir-crazy to say the least. It was when a friend told me about this ministry that I looked into it to not only share the gospel, but equip... Continue Reading →

Iowa’s Top 10 In 2023: Waterloo Outreach

Continuing with "Iowa's Top 10 In 2023," an outreach campaign designed by Tulip Gospel Outreach and other churches to reach the ten most populated cities in Iowa with the gospel of Jesus Christ -- we went to Waterloo. It was an interesting experience, because we didn't really have a plan as to where to go,... Continue Reading →

7 Reasons to Attend Tulip Time Gospel Outreach: May 4 – 6, 2023

Whether you are a new Christian wanting to learn how to share your faith biblically or you are a seasoned mature believer, there is one evangelistic event you need to attend -- Pella Tulip Time Gospel Outreach. This year it will be held from May 4 through May 6, 2023. Located about 1 hour southwest... Continue Reading →

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