Tulip Gospel Outreach 2023: Teachings

All the Tulip Gospel Outreach conference teachings are up and online. These are absolutely amazing and are important tools to share the gospel with the culture around us. Click the links to see them on YouTube. Introduction to Tulip Time Outreach, Jon Neifert. A talk Jon gives every year on the Biblical history of Pella,... Continue Reading →

Picture Taking Evangelism

One of the major struggles with evangelism is trying to get into a conversation with a stranger. Thoughts of what to talk about, how to swing from the natural to the spiritual, and all the awkwardness flood our minds. With that being said, nothing is easier than Picture Taking Evangelism (PTE). What is Picture Taking... Continue Reading →

What’s Changing in Evangelism and Why Does it Have to?

Below is a ChurchPulse Weekly episode, Craig Springer, Executive Director of Alpha USA, joins hosts Carey Nieuwhof and David Kinnaman to discuss the state of evangelism in America. It has some really eye-opening discoveries that you would not want to miss, so I plead with you to watch the video. Afterwards, I share my thoughts... Continue Reading →

Talking To Strangers: Take-off

"This is your captain speaking. Welcome aboard flight 777. In a few moments we will be taxiing to the runway and will be taking off shortly. Make sure your seatbacks are up, tray-tables are folded, and seatbelts secure. This flight will get bumpy from time-to-time, but no worries. At least you're not flying the plane."... Continue Reading →

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