Sharing Jesus At Work

Sharing Jesus at work is probably the most stressful time and place. The anxiety is high when it comes to sharing Jesus at work to your peers, and especially your boss. There are some things that you can do and how you approach people that makes it easier and less stressful.

When your coworkers ask how your weekend went, tell them something spiritual you did.

This was probably my favorite way of interjecting something spiritual in the conversation, and at the very least your coworkers will know what you’re about. Depending on where they are at, they will either look like a deer in headlights, or will want to start planning a prayer meeting with you to interject God into the workplace. At this moment, I wouldn’t go for broke, but it’s a nice opener into who you are and who your God is.

Share Jesus on your time, not company time.

We must remember as Christians that we are to be fair and honest with our employers. There is no difference between reading a newspaper on the john when you should be working, and sharing Jesus on company time. That would be considered stealing in the eyes of God, and against the eighth of the Ten Commandments.

Your time is your time. On breaks, lunch, or even at meals when traveling outside the office.

Tell your testimony in the first person.

A few times I felt really strong about sharing Jesus with someone at work, that I had to do it right then and there. Whether there was something mentioned on the television in the break room, or something that the other person said, it was unavoidable as the Holy Spirit shoved (ok, not really shoved) but prodded me to say something.

One way to do this is to share how Christ saved you and answer questions in the first person, using many “I”, “me”, and “myself” statements. This doesn’t put the pressure on the other person to answer anything, but puts all the pressure on yourself, as remembering a historical event.

While traveling on business.

Coworkers are nosey, especially around the water cooler. But use their nosiness to your advantage. If you are traveling on business and seated next to your coworker on a plane, witness and share your faith with the stranger next to you. I guarantee that your coworker will be paying attention and may strike up a conversation during the trip. This nosiness can also play in your favor in the break room while on the phone with someone; people listening in to your phone call.

So, the next time you are working with unbelievers around you, take the time to stop, pray, and ask the Lord to open a door to share Christ with those you see on a consistent basis at your job. As you put your foot forward, even if it is a toe, the Lord will put a stone in the shoes of those who you work with.

Please leave a comment below if you have any other ideas how to share your faith in the workplace.

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