Totally Blessed Tonight

I absolutely love writing for When COVID-19 broke out I didn’t have an outlet to share the gospel on the street. I was getting stale and stir-crazy to say the least. It was when a friend told me about this ministry that I looked into it to not only share the gospel, but equip the saints for the work of the ministry.

I attended the Calvary Chapel Des Moines Men’s Retreat at the end of March and was totally blessed by not only the teachings, but time with the guys. During breakfast on the last day, my pastor asked us seated at the table what our “sphere of influence” is. I had to think a minute and then realized — it was the world.

Since October 2020, I have answered over 250 questions from all over the world. From my laptop I have in some way touched every continent and multiple languages through translators. Most questions were difficult. Some stories of those suffering made me tear up. But I can say that each of them were from people who honestly wanted to know the answer to something about God or the Bible. They were seeking truth.

The last question I received was from a gentleman from Africa asking an honest question about the African custom of cross (or headstone) unveiling. I needed help. The best part of this story is that I have two friends I personally know who are from Africa: one from Uganda, and another from Liberia, to help me answer this question. I reached out to them and answered within a few minutes. It was a pretty cool moment.

But, it only got better. I reached out to Got Questions and asked for 400 website cards so that people can find the ministry online. When I am on the streets and someone asks me a question that I cannot answer, I love giving these cards to them. There was a shortage of cards and I was ok with that. God would provide. But when the mail came today, I opened the box to find 400 cards and 400 builtin inserts — double than what I wanted. Praise God! Tomorrow I plan to take a bunch to Iowa State University and then use them at Pella Tulip Time. Whatever is left over will be given later or at the very least in the Answers In Genesis booth at the Iowa State Fair.

Things are looking up. Last Sunday my Pastor’s son, Jake, is going to help me with a logo and some design work for the website. I am pretty stoked about what ideas he has in store for me. An answer to prayer for sure. Really looking forward to this year and the months to come.

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