2022 Iowa State Fair – Answers In Genesis Booth: Day 6

For the past few days things have been going really well. In the first few days I was mostly putting dinosaur tattoos on kids, which I really enjoy. But I was wanting to get into some deep conversations. In my last post, I did get into a really deep discussion with a man named, Angel.

There are several types of people that come to the booth. There are those who are Christians who have gone to see the Ark Encounter in Kentucky and want to rave over it. There are also Christians who want to see the Ark, but haven’t yet and are planning to. And there are those who are Christians, not Christians, Atheists, and everything in between who are curious about the booth, wanting to see the train, and so forth. Today was like any other day.

Two young men and brothers, Caleb and Wyatt, were walking past the booth when I gave them both a Dino Bucks Million Dollar bill. They smiled as most people do, but when I asked them what the Million Dollar Question was, they turned to each other and were clueless. I said, “The million-dollar question is this: If you were to die and stand before Holy God, and he asked you why He should let you into heaven, what would you say?” Wyatt, the younger of the two, tried to give me back the tract and both were thinking about leaving. I thought I would pry a little bit and asked them that I seriously wanted to know.

The snarkiness started to come out of Wyatt, and some in Caleb, but Caleb really tried to prod his brother into answering seriously. It was a short conversation. I ended it by asking, “If I were to give you something short, like a 15 minute read, would you read it?” Wyatt immediately said no, but Caleb was curious enough to wonder. As I was handing him the booklet, “Why Christianity,” a woman appeared behind them putting her hand on each of their shoulders. It was Grandmamma-bear, and she was smiling from ear-to-ear. Instantly, their demeanor changed, straightened up and answered my questions with, “Yes Sir” and “No Sir.” They didn’t have to look behind them to know who it was; she knew exactly what we were doing, and was happy someone took the time to talk with her grandsons.

You never know when you could be the answer to prayer of someone close to those who you are talking with. Even if it’s only a quick conversation and putting a stone in their shoe with something to think about.

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