2022 Iowa State Fair – Answers In Genesis Booth: Day 1-2

As I walked through the main gate on Grand Avenue, the feeling was electric. The smell of corndogs cooking along with all sorts of things on a stick wafted through the air. I felt as if I was home, and for some reasons I was. This year was a special year for me. It was at the Answers In Genesis booth that I first heard the gospel 20 years ago this year. At that time it was run by the General Association of Regular Baptist Churches (G.A.R.B.C) and had since been given to Answers In Genesis to share the gospel and encourage Christians. To think that I had come so far: thinking Jesus and angels were aliens who wrote a book for us to obey so that we didn’t kill each other, to being an Elder and Evangelist with my church that I got saved in. If you think God doesn’t perform miracles anymore — you are sadly mistaken.

It was really nice to see my friends, and fellow soldiers in Christ again. For much of the first hour I spent in prayer, talking scripture, and seeing how everyone had been doing since the last outreach or event we served together; which for most of us would have been Pella Tulip Time. For those who were new, introductions were in order, and get a feel for those who were new to this sort of outreach.

With introductions and reminiscing out of the way, it was time to get to work. At first I started sharing the AiG Noah’s Ark Million Dollar Bills. They are great and have a clear gospel message with the million dollar question: “In the days of Noah, God judged guilty men with a global flood. If you were judged by God on Judgment Day, will you be innocent of guilty?” I also passed out the Dino Bucks Million Dollar Bill and Kids Million Dollar Bill which doesn’t mention adultery to start conversations with people walking the isle outside the booth.

I quickly realized that no one was manning the tattoo table that we have set up to give tattoos to kids, and adults that want them; which are of a dinosaur holding a bible with a girl and boy with the message: “God created dinosaurs and people on day 6!” I really like working the tattoo station because it gives me the only chance to engage children with the gospel apart from those in the church I attend.

Some of the questions I ask them depending upon their age are:

  • Do you know what Noah’s Ark is?
  • Did you know that if you add 20ft to the end of this building, add 15 feet to the roof, and half the width of this building, that’s how big the Ark is?
  • Did you know that the Ark is a picture of Jesus? The Ark saved mankind from God’s judgment of a global flood because of sin, and Jesus saves us from God’s eternal judgment because of sin.
  • What is the coolest thing you did at the fair so far?
  • Do you go to church? Who do you think Jesus is?

Kids are really open to hearing what adults say especially when they are getting something fun. Not to mention the parents are closely watching what I am doing, and listening to what I have to say to their children; keeping me accountable and witnessing to them as well as I prefer parents watch what I am doing and hear what I’m saying.

Since we were short staffed the first two days I stayed mostly in the tattoo area which was totally cool with me. It gave me something to do, and an easy witnessing tool with parents. A successful start to a glorious outreach.

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