Midnight Reminder

When I sleep I dream constantly, and really enjoy them for the most part. What dreams are, I really don’t know, but what I do know is that they really make me think. Some of them really are life-changing down to the minute detail and I ponder them for weeks if not months at a time. Every time though, they seem very very real. They say most people dream in black and white — not me. I dream in full color, feel things, and have a hard time figuring out between them and reality. With that said, last night’s was a good reminder.

I was swimming in a pool at the deep end. I'm not a fan of swimming. I'll do it, especially if my nephew or niece want me to, but it's not something I would pick.  Anyways, I'm by myself and I start to have chest pains, and realize, "I'm having a heart attack." I make it to the edge of the pool and my wife is sitting in a chair at the table wearing jeans and fully dressed. I call to her and she comes over. I reach up, "Get me out of here, I'm having a heart attack!"

"How am I supposed to do that?, I can't pull you up?" 

"Pull me up!"  

"You'll pull me in. I don't want to get wet." She takes my hand and lightly pulls. "I can't get it."

"Babe, you're not even trying -- PULL!" She tries again, but still not really trying. "Get in and get me to the shallow end."  

"No, I don't want to get wet!" 

"Well just take my hand and pull me along the edge to the shallow end. It's easy, you can do it." 

"That's stupid, it won't work." And with that, I go under, sink to the bottom, and everything goes black.  Then I wake up. 

Isn’t this like evangelism and sharing the gospel; people drowning all around us, but we are so afraid of getting wet? If we do get wet so what? We can dry off, change clothes — it’s temporary; drowning is forever.

Ministry is messy; sometimes you get wet. It’s not easy, but it could be easier when we get others involved to help. Many hands make light work. This was a good reminder for me to make sure I make good solid efforts this year. Join me, get out of your comfort zone and at least get your feet wet.

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