What is My Mission Statement?

Every morning my wife and I get up early, read our separate devotions, and then read one together. This time, we are reading the book given to me by my Pastor from our recent Men’s Retreat: A.W. Tozer’s Knowledge of the Holy, The Pursuit of God, and God’s Pursuit of Man — all in one volume.

Though reading, my wife asked me a question that I pondered all day, “What is your mission statement for Pens And Wrenches?”

It was always intended to be a combination of my two favorite loves: (1) writing and the written word; and (2) repairing, restoring, and fixing broken things — whether people, projects, or troubleshooting problems. Even though I love fixing things, and have repaired many different items: from antique slot machines, to house repairs, I was more concerned and focused on ministry. God allowed me to help people through repairing items, but what was the real reason why I enjoyed it? I wasn’t really fixing a broken item, but restoring a person’s life. Helping people with their burdens, while in turn helping to take care of my own load. But being a Handyman as an occupation — never got off the ground.

Ministry was always top priority with the website. I’ve spent too long in the workforce repairing things that won’t matter in eternity, seeing my priorities flipped upside down from where they should have been. Now that my priorities are right side up, it’s time that my mission statement for the website should reflect that. So right now, I have settled on:

“Restoring Sinners – Equipping Saints.”

Restoring sinners was and is the purpose for Jesus, the cross, and the church. Restoring sinners to the Father so that they can be in a right relationship with Him. Restoring is not just repairing the damage, but restoring it to what it was intended to be. It’s main focus, purpose, and unique design. Man was intended to live with God forever. I cannot restore that in and of myself, but point people to God through Jesus Christ. Restoring isn’t improving. It is not making it better. Like making a flying car. Cars were not meant to fly; therefore, if they have wings or no wheels, you cannot call it a car anymore. It is something completely different — improving it beyond what it’s intended purpose was is not restoring.

Equipping the saints for the work of the ministry is also not only the Holy Spirit’s job of sanctification and distributing spiritual gifts to believers; but it is also the job of the Church and the edifying of the body of Christ. This is done through Prophets, Pastors, Teachers, and Evangelists like myself (Ephesians 4:11-12).

But there is more to equipping than just providing adequate knowledge and resources to do the job well. It is synonymous with discipleship, but means even more than that. It’s about making perfect, mending, restoring, and healing people. The church is a hospital staffed by fellow patients mending the broken to become the doctors themselves.

I Need Your Advice

The above image is the new design for the back of my business cards. On the front under my name will be, “Restoring Sinners – Equipping Saints.” But on the back, I want to expand on that. I want to really focus on what the Lord is having me do through this website and in life as an Evangelist, Elder, and Writer.

What do you think? Here is what I am wanting to know:

  • Is what’s written biblically sound?
  • Should I take away anything?
  • Should I add anything, especially in the space at the bottom?
  • Should I leave a space at the bottom to write something personal to the person I am giving it to?

Please leave a comment and let me know what you think. I’d really appreciate it.

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