Birth Order & Character Development: Firstborn

Developing characters in stories can be a tough job. What would they say, how would they act, how they feel and relate to those around them. I love using the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) in my approach and have used it for many of my characters, especially those whom I don’t have an example for in my life.

The following article written by Gwen M. Plano, of Story Empire, is an amazing look into birth order as a way of developing characters with a deep dive into the Firstborn sibling. It contains many thoughts I would never have thought of, and those I can relate to being a firstborn of three. Please check this out. It will be worth your time, writer or not.

Hello Story Empire friends, Gwen with you today to focus on character development related to birth order. Here’s a link to my prior post on this …


2 thoughts on “Birth Order & Character Development: Firstborn

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  1. Interesting, Frank. I have no doubt that birth order plays a big role in our character/personality development. I’m the last-born of six and a birth order book described me pretty well.

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    1. I think I wasn’t completely clear in my explanation and the reason for the article. I was meaning character development for stories (i.e. protagonist, antagonist, villain, hero). My wife tells me all the time that it sounds great in my head, but when I say the quiet part out loud it is way different. LOL. I think a little editing is in order on my part. But, yes, you are correct. Birth order in personality development is huge.

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