Why I Am Not Catholic Anymore: An Introduction.

One of the purposes of this blog is to show that you should always test the things that you believe. This is with everything, not necessarily religion. But since this website is largely a religious one, it fits here.

When I go to the streets witnessing, I find more often than not people are a certain belief because that’s what their parents are or how they are raised. I may ask, “Why do you believe this?” and they will say, “Well that’s what my parents are.” To which I reply, “I asked you what YOU believed…not your parents.” I stopped putting faith in other people a long time ago. When we stand before God of judgment day, we stand alone. So, you best be finding this stuff out on your own to make the best choice. Because honestly, eternity is a long time to be wrong.

For the blog series, why did I pick Roman Catholicism? Well, I used to be a Roman Catholic, and what better religion to start with than my previous one. There are a lot of religions out there, but I don’t know any one better than Roman Catholicism. I lived it. I was an Acolyte (Altar Boy) for 9 years, I wanted to be a Eucharistic Minister, to which I was turned down. I wanted to become a priest, and then ultimately become the first American Pope. Yes, it was a long shot…but a man can dream can’t he? Some childhood friends used to call me Father Frank, and when I was a boy I used to hold mass for my sisters stuffed animals. I loved being Catholic. I went on retreats, day trips as an Alter Boy, got paid for serving weddings and funerals, it was great. But as I got older, I was found wanting. I was discontent, and really didn’t know much if not any of the bible. I started asking priests questions and I got multiple answers. In time, found that the Catholic Church couldn’t give me what I longed for…no matter how good the intentions were.

I am not here to bash Catholics. Not in any way. I love Roman Catholics and have many family members that are members. They are some of the most devout, committed, spiritual people I know. In fact on the front line of fighting abortion…I have to say that Roman Catholics take the cake. This blog isn’t about so much against the individual in the pew; it’s against the system that leaves those in the pew guessing, wondering, and ultimately lost. I hope when Roman Catholics read this, that they read it with an open mind, and really search the scriptures, and the Roman Catholic Catechism to see where their religion falls short. I may use sarcasm and pithy titles for the posts, but know this…it is to salivate the palate of your mind and wonder if these things to which I am writing have any merit. It is not to demean, make fun of, or mock a religion or person.

In the next few blogs I will uncover some of the things that I believed, in comparison to the bible, and also uncover some of the things that you may find shocking that you never knew about Roman Catholicism. As I have been a writer for GotQuestions.org, I have learned all too well that many people don’t really know what they believe; in fact find it shocking when they are exposed to the truth.

My Sources

For the Roman Catholicism I will be using official teaching straight from the Vatican and stamped with official insignias or websites. If you do not have a copy of the Catechism or other sources, you can find the following online.

  • Official Vatican website.
  • Official Vatican Resource Library including the Catechism of the Catholic Church, official teachings, the Office of the Holy See, Ecumenical Councils, and more.
  • Other sources may be used as I see fit as I will be dealing with historical evidence and such, but will be sited so you can look at them for yourself.

The sources for protestant Christianity I will be using is the New King James Holy Bible unless otherwise stated. It is regarded by most Christian churches and denominations as the primary source of faith and doctrine. Other sources will be added when needed, but primarily, these will be used most. If you don’t own a bible, you can find one online at either here.


This topic will not be every day or week. I will take many breaks with other topics in between to give you something else to chew on and talk about other things that are on my heart.

I understand that many will be upset with me over this. The reality is you are not mad at me, you are mad at what the Roman Catholic Church has said in their own writings, and what the Holy Bible says. Have you ever wondered what makes different religions different? I agree with some things that the Catholic Church teaches. I believe that abortion is wrong, that a baby is human from conception, and that God is made up of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit (Trinity). But it’s in the differences that make us different. In the end…one has to win. As you will see…you cannot believe both.

Still not convinced? Answer to yourself these questions:

1. Do you own a bible? If you do, when was the last time you read it, and what did you read?

2. When was the last time you can recall an actual Bible read out loud in a Catholic Church? Are you taught the bible every week? If you were…name the chapters and verses.

3. When you went to mass last week…what did you learn?

4. What is the point of standing, sitting, and kneeling in different parts of the mass?

5. Where do you find the word “Catholic” in the bible?

6. Where do you find the word “Purgatory” in the bible?

7. Are you born again?

I’m not here to ruffle feathers over this issue. I just want you to know the reasons why I became a Christian, and left Roman Catholicism, to answer some of the questions that I have had over the years, and that you would know some of what your religion believes.

Isn’t it important to examine what your religion teaches and believes? I think so, and so should you.

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