It’s OK to be Fame-ish

A long time ago I watched a YouTube episode of No Small Parts, called Remembering Taylor Negron. “Taylor…Negron? Who is that, “You ask? Well, you no doubt have seen him in various rolls watching television or movies. He has a very recognizable appearance, and his voice is probably even more recognizable. He has been on countless television shows and movies as a character actor. He has played a Mailman in Better Off Dead, Monica’s boss in several episodes of Friends, and even played a psychopath bad guy in the movie, The Last Boyscout. According to IMDB, he has been an actor 130 times. Though the episode is gone, here is a similar one, so you know who I am talking about.

So why do I bring this up? Taylor was content playing the small parts. He was content not being extremely famous. He didn’t take on the lead roles. He wasn’t interested in being in the spotlight. He was happy right where he was. He was happy being, “fame-ish”.

There are many people in ministry who are not content. They want to be the head-guru or have an awesome podcast with a million subscribers. Pastors that dream of thousands of people and three services on a Sunday. But to do things like that it takes many small parts. Are we content having small parts? Why do we always want to be the head, and not a finger, big toe, or even the smallest organ like the pancreas — for which the human body cannot live without.

But the reality of it, is that there are no small parts with God. Each of us plays a part for the much bigger whole in Christianity. We all have gifts that when we contribute with others with different gifts, we can accomplish much. Taylor Negron played some iconic roles, and was well known. From those who knew him, he loved people, and laughed much. Think about this when watching the video.

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