Troubleshooting Rabbit Holes

Have you ever tried to troubleshoot something and no matter what you throw at it, you just cannot fix it. Everything you try ends up in disaster. You shotgun parts at it, only to make things worse. I've been there, and done that. Here are some potential troubleshooting rabbit holes and safety pitfalls to consider.... Continue Reading →

Basic Troubleshooting Questions

One of the most important skills a Technician has is the ability to troubleshoot and find problem areas in a system, no matter what kind of system that is. It could be electrical, mechanical, hydraulic, or otherwise. All you need is the basics of a system to figure out what could be the cause of... Continue Reading →

Trailer Troubleshooting

Schematic of friend's trailer Recently I was at a friend's house helping her clean up after her basement flooded. Upon leaving she was showing me her trailer that she was building to haul her kayak and stuff. It was really impressive, and I was jealous. It was made of steel, she had someone weld rafters... Continue Reading →

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