Talking To Strangers: Baggage Claim — Reclaiming Yourself

I was planning on making the previous Talking to Strangers post the last one in the blog series. As I reflected on all that was covered, I asked myself - what now? What happens after a good or bad conversation, and how should we respond? A Good Ride When we get our luggage the way... Continue Reading →

Talking To Strangers: Landing the plane.

As you look out the window you can see the runway getting closer and closer. Finally, after all that time, you feel the wheels and tarmac collide. A sense of relief fills your heart as the blood stops pumping. A voice comes over the intercom, "On behalf of flight 777 I would like to welcome... Continue Reading →

Talking To Strangers: The Decent

"Ladies and gentlemen, this is your Captain speaking. As we prepare to decent into your destination, please close your tray table, put your seatback up, as the stewardesses come by to pick up any remaining trash you have. We will be landing shortly." Now that you have some tools to get the conversation started and... Continue Reading →

Talking To Strangers: Take-off

"This is your captain speaking. Welcome aboard flight 777. In a few moments we will be taxiing to the runway and will be taking off shortly. Make sure your seatbacks are up, tray-tables are folded, and seatbelts secure. This flight will get bumpy from time-to-time, but no worries. At least you're not flying the plane."... Continue Reading →

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