He Gets Us: Jesus Had to Control His Outrage?

https://youtu.be/Fuwf0tPnhAA https://youtu.be/Fuwf0tPnhAA Continuing on with the He Gets Us commercials, this one in particular was one of the two that were played during this year's Superbowl. In it, the narrator details the following among pictures of people getting angry with each other. Here is what the narrator says: "There was this controversial figure. Everywhere he... Continue Reading →

He Gets Us: Jesus Struggled To Make Ends Meet?

https://youtu.be/nz3lNLbxkxQ https://youtu.be/nz3lNLbxkxQ I wanted to take time to look at the different commercials from He Gets Us to see if they are biblically sound, and will be discerning others in the next several days. Today, we focus on the commercial: "Jesus struggled to make ends meet, too." This is the problem with upholding Jesus' humanity... Continue Reading →

He Gets US: An introduction into discernment.

The past several months friends of mine have been talking about the multi-media campaign: He Gets US focusing on trying to make Jesus mainstream in the wake of the church losing young people to the world. I have not seen anything about this; for one, I don't watch Television. I have an antenna in my... Continue Reading →

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