What’s The Difference Between Preaching and Teaching?

I recently received this question from Africa to answer for Got Questions. I thought it would be important to share it here as well. There is definitely an overlap between the two for sure, and in many aspects are indistinguishable from each other; But they have differences. Preaching would involve exhortation, admonition, encouragement, and comfort.... Continue Reading →

The Goodness of God

Recently I received a question to answer for GotQuestions.org: 'Why did Jesus resist healing the Gentile Canaanite woman's daughter (Matthew 15:22-24, 26) and yet healed the Centurion's servant without hesitation (Matthew 8:5-7)?' Male, 46-55, North America, Christian I am currently reading this fascinating book that was given to all the men during our annual Men’s... Continue Reading →

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