The Danger of Cynicism In Ministry

Sometimes you don't see how far you've come until you see how far you've been. Once in a while I read old journals and thoughts I had about things in the past. This was one of those times. In December 2013 I was miserable in ministry. All of 2012 I had been seriously contemplating leaving... Continue Reading →

Sharing Christ Within Your Personality Style

In the middle of 2020 my wife and I were really struggling communicating. Constant fighting and lots of crying, I couldn't make heads-or-tails out of it. Since the Bible says that husbands are to dwell with their wives with understanding, I realized in that moment that I wasn't understanding her. In hopes to make things... Continue Reading →

Pushing Through The Pins and Needles

This picture brings up a few good points. Though I don't agree with it completely, it opens my eyes to the fact that when it comes to apathy, it's not always the fault of the church leadership. It does matter that a person goes to a Bible-believing and teaching church. It does matter where the... Continue Reading →

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