2022 Iowa State Fair Answers In Genesis Outreach: August 11-21

Well boys and girls, it is that time of year again — the Answers In Genesis booth at the Iowa State Fair. This is one of the major evangelism events of the year, and we are very excited. Here is the following information to register and join us for this amazing event.

To register with Answers In Genesis and join us for the event, go to: http://answeringenesis.org/go/iowa. There are videos here as well to show you what you will experience and what the atmosphere is like in the Varied Industries Building.

Tulip Gospel Outreach also put out some information and links within it’s website as well. Click the link here for additional information. https://www.tulipgospeloutreach.org/events/event/iowa-state-fair-gospel-outreach-2022

As in the past several years and in conjunction with the Fair Outreach, Testify Camp will be training and equipping people how to share their faith during this time as well. For more information, please click the link below with Tomorrows Forefathers if you would like to attend this event as well. https://tomorrowsforefathers.com/testify-training-camp/

As a Christian it is your duty and obligation to share Jesus to those of this lost and dying world. Come join us and learn how to share your faith.

To register, please respond to the appropriate people in the above links, and do not email me or respond through the comments of this blog post.

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